Intermediate (CP) Training

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The CP course builds on the skills you learnt on your EP course and teaches you to become more self reliant. You learn the art of soaring flight and site assessment. The additional practical and theoretical skills are designed to prepare pilots to fly on their own in the club environment.

The CP course will take 6-8 full flying days to complete and, just like the Elementary Pilot course, can be spread over a period. The recommended maximum time to finish this course is six months.

You will learn to takeoff and fly in different wind strengths. You will also learn soaring, slope landing and top landing techniques, together with focusing on improving glider performance and safety skills, and your overall techniques.

Pilots will be flying from a variety of flying sites and in a variety of conditions to get them ready to assess and fly a site on their own. The main goal for the CP is AIRTIME and coaching pilots to be self reliant and skilled at assessing the conditions and maximising your enjoyment, so we often fly longer than the standard training schedule to ensure a high quality CP standard at the end.

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