Tandem Flight

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Tandem Flight

We can assure you that there is no better way to experience the stunningly beautiful scenery of the Lake District than by air. You can soar with the birds along the ridges and high above the mountain tops on a paragliding tandem flight.

A paraliding tandem flight costs £130, which includes daily BHPA membership, and lasts for around 25-30 minutes, (or longer if desired), and the flight can even be incorporated into your day's walk out on the fells. Simply contact Escape to arrange a day and, dependent on weather conditions and wind direction, we will arrange a time and place to meet you. Once you meet Jocky, our instructor, and you are at the take-off point, you will be given a flight and safety briefing, clipped-in to your harness and in a few short steps you will become airborne. Simply sit back and enjoy the view as you soar along the ridges and, if possible, up to cloudbase. Once the flight is over, Jocky will safely touch down on the top of the mountain or in the fields below, and you can continue on your walk*. Easy isn't it?

Jocky Sanderson is a world class pilot and instructor and he'll take you to these new heights. Jocky was ranked third in the world and was the captain of the British paragliding team for many years. He is widely known as one of the top pilots and instructors in the world. With a wealth of experience behind him , you couldn't be in safer hands.

This has to be one of the most enjoyable and exciting ways to see the Lake District and assures you of a totally different perspective! If you wish to buy a tandem flight for someone as a gift the we send them a invitation letter and "boarding pass" on your behalf, which they can use anytime during the next year.

*If wind speeds are light then we may glide down to land in a landing field at the bottom of the mountain and your flight could be shorter than 20 minutes. If so, you will be given the option of having the flight then or arranging another day.

  • Weather - Paragliding is weather dependent, we cannot fly in wind speeds over 15 mph, in wet & rainy weather or bad vivibility for your safety.
  • Fitness & health - When foot-launching, you must be able to run 10+ metres. If you have a heart condition or back problems then this sport is not advisable.Please advise us if you have any other condition that you think may be relevant.
  • Physically Challenged - We have a specially designed wheel chair and the experience to take people who are physically challenged.
  • Insurance - included and covers the passenger for third party and public liability. Passengers will be talked through insurance details and given a form to sign prior to take-off.
  • Dress - Similar to fell walking, strong ankle supportive boots and warm comfortable clothing.

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