Turkey SIV

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We have been running our courses in Oludeniz for over 30 years & famous location of Security in Flight films. With very reliable weather and up to 1500m altitude in the flight zone, you can maximise your learning with multiple repetitions for every manoeuvre.

This SIV course continually evolves with glider designs and has been perfected over 30 years. Thanks to Jocky’s Security in flight films it is probably the most famous and talked about course we offer.

Carefully designed, the course covers all aspects of glider control, from deflations and wingovers to search for moves, manoeuvrability, and stall recovery, plus fun moves like SATS, (if you wish). With your new found confidence in yourself and your wing, you’ll find on an XC flight you have more time to focus on positives like finding lift and coring, which helps you fly for longer and further.

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